Da Paws Place Saturday May 31st and June 7th 10-2pm

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 My favorite saying -

 “They can because they think they can.” Johnathon Livingston Seagull  

Chris Edmark

As an introvert I am a quite person until I start speaking about my passions.  This is what allows me to teach.  

Anyone can learn any subject if they choose to.

Learning is hard work.  The best way to learn is by sharing and exploring information with others.


Watching others suceed and blossom gives me great pleasure.  

Not every teaching style is suited to every student.  A teacher has an obligation to find the words, the motion, the action that brings the message to the each student.

So I am working from the ground up in agility and exploring new dog sports and would like  people to join me on this journey.

Currently am studying with Blynn Baker a phenomenal trainer.      

Agility starts with the handler. See the classes I am offering in human  agility and focus work.  


 Spent 23 years teaching bellydancing

My students did loving call it belly dance boot camp.  Even seasoned dancers were required to do at least one basics class.   


Seeing my students advance to become well known dancers and teachers.

Teaching a woman who lost her vision  to be able to dance.