Da Paws Place Saturday May 31st and June 7th 10-2pm

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These are drop in classes until further notice.

 Please contact us if you have class that you would like to see  or  to offer.  

Chris’ Classes

Do It for the Dogs - Human Agility Training?  

No, we are not making you crawl through the tunnels?

Dogs run their hearts out for us. We take them to chiros, feed them great food, massages, training. Now is the time to work on myself.  Yes, I need this too!

Maybe you are a beginner in the awkward stage or a seasoned person who wants to stay in shape. In this class we will explore:  

The bones are held up by the muscles. After having taught bellydancing for 23 years, I can show you muscles you never knew you had.

This class is a drop-in class.  Layer your clothing so that as you heat up and cool down you can maintain your comfort.  $3.00.  Monday 6-7.

Your Hot, Your Not - Clicker Classes  ON HOLD

Also known as progressive reinforcement training. Learn the timing to creating a behavior with your dog using shaping, lures and clickers.   

Your creativity will grow. And it will keep your dog guessing. You will be hooked on stupid dog tricks.  

Bring treats of different values, a notebook, some dried beans, any toys or props you want to work with, a 6 foot lead, crate, and two small paper bowls or cups. The Clicker is provided. Drop in class is $5.00.  Monday 7:15-8:15. Wednesdays from 6-7.

Focus Friday

This is not course work. One item of focus  each week. It could be tunnels, weave work, jumping practice (for the dog).  

Friday 6-7, drop-in $5.00.