Da Paws Place Saturday May 31st and June 7th 10-2pm

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Da Paws is located on eight acres of mostly forested land.  The site manager is planning trails in these areas to be enjoyed by our clients before or after class.  

The office entry area is 200 sqaure feet and has a kitchenette.  Plenty of area for a serving table or crating.  Great space for a small party.  We do have tables and chairs available for your use.

The arena is 70 x 80. The poles are at 10 feet on center to make course setup easy. The equipment is stored on the walls for ease of use.  We can help with course setups.  Please visit the equipment page for what we have available.  

We have a 6300 square foot  outdoor  field area that is fenced.  This is great for outdoor courses when the weather improves or to have an indoor course and an outdoor course set up.

There is a designated pottie area. This too will be fenced in the near future.

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