Da Paws Place “Bring Your Human”

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It is all about teaching  the human.

Our Vision

Humans have opposable thumbs.  We are physically more adept at manipulating our environment and capable of written language. Does that make us better?  No, just different.  

Because dogs do not have words that we can understand or written script, they communicate physically - blinks, ear twitches, ear flicks, licks, and vocally  through ways we cannot define - snorts, barks and even through the way they breath.

One of the common factors we have between the species is play.  Most mammals out grow play as they age, but dogs and humans seem to continue to play through out their lives.  

So Da Paws Place is a place to foster play through agility.  

If we want to communicate with dogs to facilitate play, we have to do it at their level by getting them to understand that we can communicate by operant training and transferring the value of play or reward to the owner.   

What people need is a place to practice what they learn and hone their skills.

We encourage students to come back after class to practice at Da Paws.

Here at Da Paws we want happy dogs that want to come back to play.  

So that is why we say to the dogs:  

“ Bring Your Human”